Level 1001

32 Moves
45 Suns
45 Carrots
45 Onions
45 Strawberries

**NOTE** In our video we need more crops. You need less, but otherwise its exactly the same level so we haven't updated it as they have changed a lot. If we can do it, you can ;)

We have grass seeds up in the top left corner, but in order to get them to fall down onto the board, we have to open at least a couple of the flowers, which aren't a requirement on this level, but are blocking the seeds.
Match next to the flowers, you'll have to use the slimed crops, but there's no way to change that until you're able to swap a seed with a water drop.
Make matches next to the barrels below to get your water flowing and hopefully they'll jump up next to the seeds close to the slimed spots.
Then you can start swapping seeds with water and turn the slime patches into grass patches, where they'll get added points. Swapping all the seeds really isn't a must, but the more grass you have, the more point value to your crops. Once the flowers are all collected, the board is open to all sorts of combinations. So take advantage of this.
The companions don't seem to help much on this level, as you can't plan ahead when crops are being thrown around.


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