Level 1000

23 Moves
70 carrots
70 Water drops
7 Flowers

We have two types of seeds that need swapped with water drops here.
Flower seeds, and grass seeds. There are plenty of water drops on the board, so we don't have to rely on water barrels for them. I personally found it easier to make matches until the flower seeds came down and swap them first, but of course with any player, you may find a different way best for you.
While making the flowers, you can take the chance to fit in some grass patches, they do increase the value on our crops, but be very careful that you don't try making so much, that you lose sight of your flowers, and making the matches to collect them. Keep a close eye on your remaining moves.
Remember that working from the bottom gives you the advantage of the cascade effect, which works nicely for letting more crops rain down, and as always, watch for combinations that increase the value on your needed crops.


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