Level 981 **Rancid**

18 moves
It's a Rancid Level

There's lots of nice grass, and only a few iced crops. We need to throw apples, onions, strawberries and carrots at Rancid this time.
We do have many opportunities for good combinations, so look your board over carefully to plan your next move, and remember that a +5 match will take away all of the crops of that type, leading to the cascade effect that allows for more nice matches.
Since the logs shift after each move you make, you can get matches out of nowhere, which is a really nice and helpful thing.
It isn't very hard to get the iced crops to break, but if you're having problems, try using a shovel.
Make sure to watch for those combinations, because they increase the value on your crops, which as they're sitting on the grass, already have increased value.
The only crops that are thrown at us, are conveniently the only ones that we need, so no suns to get in our way.
It's a fun level, for a Rancid level that is :)


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