Level 980

19 Moves
4 Flowers
10 Poppies
100 Water drops
100 Onions
 We only have the one bull to deal with, and it appears he's guarding the sheep.
Make matches towards the bottom until you can get one to move the bull away from the sheep.
Then look closely at the board to see where you need to place the bull, in order to line him up with the poppies.
Both sides of the board have the moving log plumes, so keep in mind that the poppies move right along on those. Work on getting your sheep up and over to the hay, and if you can get her onto the logs, she'll be moved closer to the hay on her own, saving you moves. Then when she gets next to the hay, try and make a match to place her there, using a shovel if needed to set up a good match.
Getting the bull to collect the poppies isn't too awfully hard, and you'll notice that most of your crops have already been collected along the way.
Watch for combinations of any kind, even if they aren't the required crops, because they still increase the value on the crops that you do need.


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