Level 979

20 Moves
50 Carrots
50 Suns
50 Water drops
50 Strawberries

At first glance, this level almost makes you shudder! But it actually just looks worse than it is.
Even though the Grumpies are frowning at us, they do play an important role here.
You'll notice a diagonal line of unopened flowers down the board, we don't need the flowers as a requirement, but they are in the way of the iced crops below.
Make matches of the grumpies next to the flowers to open them. and as they're cleared, crops will fall down and you can match them up to the iced crops to melt them away. The flowers were sitting on logs also, and as the logs shift after a move, they can sometimes help make matches for you.
Once you get your iced crops opened, you'll see that they're covering lovely areas of grass. And when the grumpy crops fall onto these, they turn happy again, giving you a chance to make matches of a higher value.
You can help the ice along by using a shovel here and there, making openings for more crops to fall into.
Look for combinations as usual, and crops with a high value.
This may be a level that takes more than a few tries, but with patience and careful planning, you can and will beat it :)


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