Level 978

27 Moves
2 Flowers
50 Apples
50 Strawberries
20 Firecrackers

Although water isn't a requirement on this level, we do need them for the seeds to make our flowers.
I found that working on clearing the area of firecrackers from around the seeds easiest, but you may find a different approach better for you. Make matches next to the water barrels for water drops, and hopefully, with some luck, they'll fly over next to the seeds.
Swap and make your flowers, and work on getting them to grow by making matches next to them.
We only need the four seeds for flowers, but if you find that a firecracker has taken out one of them, worry not, because more will fall from above.
After you have your four flowers, making water really isn't a necessity..
Remember that your shovels serve several purposes, like hurrying along both the firecrackers, and the flowers, and patting the barrels to make water.


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