Level 977

21 Moves
6 Poppies
125 Carrots
125 Onions
125 Strawberries

An ice- encased, bull stomping level..
By now, you know how to get the bulls to the poppies, and sometimes it can really be a puzzle. Make your matches next to them to move them where you want them to go.
Study your board carefully and plan your moves ahead.
Look for any combinations of the T or L shape, to increase the value on your crops, and especially the +5 combination that clears the board of all crops of that type.
Use your shovels wisely, either on the ice, or to set up a particularly good match.

I found a good way for the bull movement was, left bull up, then go right and then back to the left, right bull, down, go left then back to the right.



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