Level 975 **Farm Club**

17 Moves (changed)
500 Apples
500 Suns
Farm Club Level

Wow! 500 of each crop? and with bombs galore..
Before you start, look closely at the board, I immediately found a +5 combination that cleared the board of all suns, and in the process, prompted another +5 to magically fall into place on it's own.
Keep an eye out for these combinations, but also watch for the countdown on the bombs.
Shovels are going to be in high demand, and can be used for taking out a bomb that's ready to go off, or for grabbing up a crop with a high value on it.
Be careful though, for each bomb that you don't catch in time, it takes away 5 of your already gathered crops. So try matching up the bombs the best you can.

Try making rows that will either make a bomb fall to meet its matching family, or that includes a bomb row too.
The good thing about this level is that aside from the bombs, the only other crops that fall down, are the ones you need for your requirements. So you needn't worry about other unwanted crops getting in your way.

**Video uses less moves as they changed the level, but is otherwise the same.


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