Level 971

24 Moves
1 Spider
75 Suns
40 Mushrooms
2 Poppies

They changed this level a little, before we needed chicks, now we need 40 mushrooms instead but its not so bad.
Try moving the bull to the bottom as soon as you can, and then moving him left and right to break the webs. Or wait until the webs at the bottom have been broken, then move him.
Once you get those out of the way, you can collect the needed poppies with the bull.
Hopefully some of the other webs are broken along the way, and you can get the spider to move to another nest (He has 3 waiting ones).
Mushrooms are grown by making matches next to them, so the more you match next to them, the bigger your mushroom crop will be. As long as you keep doing that you will soon have enough to pick 40.
Don't hesitate to use your shovels on webs, or crops with high points on. Watch your moves closely, they run out faster that you want, leaving you scratching your head at the end screen that pops up!


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