Level 961

23 Moves (revised)
2 Sheep
10 Flowers
75 Water drops
75 Strawberries

To lead the sheep to freedom in this level, you need to open the flowers so that you can get to the hay.
The best way to do this is to make as many rows against as many flowers as you can.
Encourage them to cascade whenever you can, not only will it save moves but it will also add points meaning you gather less crops.
As soon as you have cleared enough crops to have crops falling against the water buckets, try to make as many matches as you can. 

Concentrate on making as much water as you can to make sure that part is complete.
If you do all the above in as few moves as possible, it gives you more moves to move your sheep onto the hay. Save your shovels for this part as its highly frustrating to be able to move a crop out of the way to get to your sheep and have none left.

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