Level 960 **Farm Club**

13 Moves


150 Apples

150 Onions

150 Suns

This is another mixed review level. I was lucky enough to pass it on first try but I know others who struggled with it. It comes down to a good board, the correct crops falling where you need them.

The good thing about it, there is not a mushroom in sight.

Lots of bombs on this level, but lots of grass for added points, so bring your shovels along as really, they give you 3 moves.

As you are making rows, try and match them with the iced crops so that they are broken. As they rotate on the logs, then hopefully the bombs will be matched up too.

Take advantage of any +5 rows you can find. This is where shovels come in handy so you can remove crops that are in the way of making the perfect row.

Gathering the points isn't actually too bad as you only get the crops you need, its the bombs you need to watch out for, so no other crops to get in the way.

You should find falling crops make rows and break ice too.

Hopefully they won't change it, but as you are struggling with it, compare it to other Farm Club levels...this one is a lot more fun.

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