Level 959

25 Moves (revised)
1 Spider
75 Apples
10 Flowers
40 Mushrooms
One spider sitting comfy and 3 extra nests for him to jump in to.
One of the multi-tasking levels where you really need to do everything together. But we will start off by moving the spider into his next web to begin with.
While you are busy breaking his webs, make your rows so that you are opening flowers too.
You cannot do a lot about the mushrooms at the moment as they are not in good places.
Once you can get to them though, they can be quite helpful in opening up flowers. You just need to get them to split up into rows against them, then when you make a row elsewhere they will jump up into grown up mushrooms and open the flowers before springing off.
Ideally get crops to fall and cascade, along with any combinations for extra points. The mushrooms can also get extra points added onto them when they are adults, just the same as other crops.
Careful use of shovels on crops can make all the difference if you move stray crops out of the way to make a row.

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