Level 956

20 Moves

120 Suns

20 Water drops

100 Apples

100 Carrots

Welcome to Episode 61! Continuation of the mushrooms who are definitely not fun-guys.

This first episode is not an easy one. You need to rely a lot on the firecrackers.
You do not need to collect the mushrooms, so they tend to get in the way too much and spoil a good board.

Start by working your way down, you need to make as many rows against the buckets as you can, but actually, the mushrooms do help with this.

If you make a row next to mushrooms against your buckets, and they divide, sometimes they will make rows, then when you make your next move, they will grow up and move your buckets water level up a notch. It makes a row for you while you can be making another row elsewhere. Pretty cool.

Use the firecrackers to help crops and make water.

Although you have 20 moves, they go quickly, so try and cascade your crops so they make rows for you. The more points you get on each crop, the less crops you need to gather.

This is a level you either get good boards, or you don't, so you need patience.

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