Level 955

24 Moves **Changed level!**
4 Poppy Flowers
6 Flowers
80 Apples
80 Strawberries
The bulls are moseying up the river on the logs, so while they are making their way to the top, make as many rows as you can next to the flowers. You ideally need the middle two logs clear of the flowers, by the time the first bull gets to the top.
Don't move the bulls off their logs until they reach the top and then try to move them both across to hit the top two poppies at the same time.
It is sometimes better to quit and start again if you haven't reached that point by now. If the flowers are not cleared, you can get the poppies on the second run, but you are going to have less moves left.
While you are clearing flowers also be breaking the iced crops. The position you need by the time the bulls have gone over to the top poppies really, is to break the iced crops, but don't move the bulls back over yet. Wait until they are going to hit the barrier and stop them going back over onto the logs. About 4 rows down at least.
You need to move them both down into the bottom left corner, one on top of the other so that they are in the same rows as the poppy flowers on the bottom right. Then when the logs move down, you just need to line your crops up carefully to get them over.
It sounds a lot easier than it is. Because you can do all that and then not have enough crops. Always gather the points with the highest points on first and cascading crops and combinations are brilliant.
I quit the level many many times within a few moves because I knew it wasn't going to work but I got a good board eventually.

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