Level 953

20 Moves (changed)
95 Apples
95 Carrots
95 Strawberries
90 Water drops
You have many airdrop boosters and will get more falling, and having tried it all ways, the best conclusion to come to was that you don't need to use them in many of your moves..
You never have many water drops on the board, so you definitely need to use the air drops on them.
For those of you who can't remember how to use them, they are pretty easy. You swap a booster with the crop you want more of, then the little plane flies over and drops (I think its 6) more of the crop that you swapped the booster with. So if you swapped a strawberry for example, you would get strawberries being dropped.
And basically that is what you have to do. Pick a crop (ideally the one with most on the board) and swap it with the airdrop booster and do that a couple of times until the number of crops rises. Watch for possible +5 rows as you need every bit of help you can get. Sometimes the crops fall into places where it does that for you and that is even better.
If your board is pretty clear of that crop, or you have, say around 50, do the same with another crop and keep on doing it until you have all your crops gathered.
If you have extra shovels, use them here as you can remove crops that are in the way of a successful match without wasting a move.
Alternatively, I found in this video, since they changed the level, if you can get many +5 rows, combinations and cascading of all the other crops, you can just use the boosters for the water drops.

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