Level 952

18 Moves
7 Oysters
30 Mushrooms
75 Strawberries
4 Fireflies
Perseverance is the best tip for this level. You need a good board (don't we always) but you will get one.
Also cascading crops is the key.
Unlike other levels, leave the fireflies until after you have opened most of the oysters and made mushrooms. Partly because you don't have a lot of choice and partly because its easier.
Watch the oysters in the corners though as they are the trickiest to get.
Mushrooms are really easy this time, just be careful not to trap oysters under them, although when you get rows of babies, it helps when they develop. Opened oysters without moving.
As crops fall down they will get the extra points on that you need to gather all the strawberries.

I found the hitter companion was helpful this time.

video on request

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