Level 157

30 Moves (revised level)
6 Strawberries
140 Apples
22 Carrots
18 Dragons
This level has been changed a little since the original release but its still pretty tricky.
You don't need to break the iced crops at the bottom, you do get more carrots and strawberries falling so if you get enough falling and they all get added points on, you won't even need to touch the ice.
The advantage of breaking it though, means that you have more room to make rows.
Make as many rows as you can on the grass to collect your apples as this will give you extra points without having to do anything.
The dragons are not too hard to collect as you get plenty of cracked eggs, so you don't need to waste moves making rows to crack them.
You will likely have to keep replaying the level, but you will get a good board where the crops fall where you need them and you will pass.

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