Level 155

25 moves
4 flowers
70 apples
70 strawberries
70 suns

As soon as you make a move near the flowers, you end up with empty spaces beneath them, and nothing there to match. 
It prevents the other crops dropping below until you have unfurled the flowers, so try doing them as soon as possible to give yourself more crops to work with. 
Don't forget you can match crops above them as well. 
Yes they are in the slime section but they still count towards the flower help when matched. 
Watch out for the slime section. Luckily the grass is there again to neutralize it. 
Not an easy level, as, as soon as you remove flowers, the slimy ones drop and there is only one strip of grass to help.
Try to make as many rows as you can on the grass though as that is where you will get your points.

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