Level 154

15 moves
60 water
150 strawberries
150 apples

This level has been changed since the guide was first wrote. This is the updated version.
We still have 15 moves, but since they introduced the "match 5 crops and it removes all the same crops" move, it because stupidly easy to win the level with high scores.
So please don't look at your score board and think you are doing something wrong, or all your friends were cheating if they have points in the millions. It was so easy it was actually fun being able to go back and replay it until they made it harder again. Just to get a silly score.
Originally the only crops you had were the 3 you need. Now you have the added Suns (that you don't need to collect), to stop it being so easy and the amount of crops needed has increased dramatically. So that is why we all had silly scores and you might struggle. Its no reflection on your playing.
Try and match 5 where ever you can. This will help get your crops needed. 
You should be able to make matches next to the water barrels easily enough as you are moving the strawberries and apples.
Check the amount of value each crops has before you make your move, the ones at the top on the grass will automatically have increased value, so unless you have made multiple matches elsewhere, this will be where you will get the most points.
If you make more value on the crops, it means that you will use less moves and then once you hit hero mode, if you haven't already got 3 stars, you will achieve them easily :)

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