Level 947

28 Moves
3 Sheep
8 Firecrackers
160 Suns
75 Mushrooms
Move the sheep out of the top square by any means possible as quickly as you can, you don't need to get them too far, just at least onto the first set of logs if you can.
You also need to be moving some of the firecrackers otherwise you won't be able to lead your sheep onto the hay.
Its really hard to get your sheep over, mostly because again with the mushrooms its like a dance, one step forward, two steps back. You make your row of crops and think, yay success, then a row of mushrooms develops behind the sheep and all of a sudden you are back where you started. Its like the game “snakes and ladders”.
However you can use this to your advantage.
If you get a row of baby mushrooms on the hay just in front of your sheep, as long as you don't make a row touching the sheep itself, when they change on your next move, your sheep will move onto the hay for you. So its not all bad.
I still haven't figured out a pattern though. Credit given to anyone who has spotted it, as Reneh said earlier, even the sheep are confused by the mushrooms!

Combinations are needed for your crop gathering, if you waste a lot of moves moving sheep and making mushrooms you won't have them for the crops so you need extra points.

**Please note. Our video needs one more sheep but is otherwise the same so I haven't changed it! **

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