Level 942

19 Moves
3 Oysters
130 Water drops
130 Suns
100 Mushrooms
There are flowers in this level that you don't need to collect, but you will need to move if you want to get to the iced mushrooms and oysters.
If you don't want to mess about with the oysters, just a suggestion, use the companion hitter and use shovels to remove the opened oysters.
The idea on this level is to make as many rows next to mushrooms as you can.
You start with 4 un-iced ones. To make them develop you need to keep making rows next to them. Remember, you can make rows out of grown mushrooms by making a move anywhere on the board, but to get them to produce more, it MUST be next to them.
While you are doing this, you need combinations etc to get the rest of your crops.

If you remove the flowers, then at some point you can free your mushrooms over there and it just gives you a little more playing room.

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