Level 941

13 Moves
6 Flowers
60 Carrots
60 Onions
20 Mushrooms
Introduction to the mushrooms.
First things we know.
You don't need to make a row anywhere near the baby mushrooms to grow them, BUT if you cannot get 3 in a row, you have to make rows next to them to make them produce more mushroom babies.
When they are full mushrooms you can make 3 in a row by moving a mushroom if in the right place. When they are babies, you cannot move them. So full mushrooms will drop if you remove crops from under them, babies will stay in the same place.
You start the level with one, so make the carrots row just above them, which will make them produce, then make another row next to them which will make them grow, then produce again and keep on doing that until you have all 20.
You will notice that most of the time the board is pretty much the same, and then it changes slightly. I found when it changed was the time I was most likely to complete the level.
You need cascading crops and combinations to gather all the crops you need.

If you use the flower opening companion, it means that's one thing less to worry about as long as you get your other crops.

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