Sunday, 17 May 2015

Level 934

29 Moves
12 Flowers
2 Spiders
2 Sheep
230 Apples
Here we can see we need to remove the firecrackers to get to the flowers. Make as many moves along them as you can so that you set off more than one at a time. When you get a break in them, make rows in between so that they touch them and the flowers too.
As soon as you get them moved, do the same with the flowers so you can get the sheep to the hay.
Always grab the rows with higher points on first but try not to move the sheep too early or they just get in the way.
Once you have the hay almost free, start moving them then.
Making crops around the webs will break them leaving you free to move the spider. If you can only get one free at first, move it from the upper webs quickly meaning the remaining spider will just be collected instead.

As usual, watch for combinations and remember to use shovels if you need them. You can use them to break spiders webs or move a firecracker the remaining notch it needs for quickness.