Saturday, 16 May 2015

Level 932

20 Moves (changed)
3 Black Sheep
3 White Sheep
85 Strawberries
85 Suns
Woohoo they finally changed this level and made it easier! I didn't use companions or even a shovel which means if I can do it, you definitely can as I normally get a lot of bad boards, or I am just a bad player :P
The white Sheep will ALWAYS go first if you make a row that leads both to hay. Which is useful as the black sheep eats it.
Try and line up the crops so that you can get two or more white sheep onto the hay, but only one black sheep. Otherwise the black sheep trots onto the empty hay space and then you have to move him around the board to get to the hay next to him.
Combinations and rows of 5 crops are essential. It doesn't matter which crop as it will encourage more to fall to fill their gaps.
You get two free airdrop boosters, which you don't need now they changed the level unless you get no needed crops fall.