Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Level 930 **Farm Club**

18 Moves (revised again)
110 Apples
110 Onions
110 Suns
9 Flowers

They have changed the level and added 9 flowers, lowered the crop count and increased the moves. There are 12 flowers on the board you ONLY NEED 9, 3 in each corner on logs! Work from the bottom and hopefully some of the flowers will grow from the cascades, if not keep your shovels till near the end!
The idea is to make as many combinations and +5 as you can, all for a lot of extra points. You need as many as you possibly can get.
Use the super fruit booster that occasionally pops down. I couldn't see a pattern with it. Sometimes I had a few each try, sometimes very little, but you always start with the one in the middle.
Its a good idea not to use it straight away, try and build up points on the crops around it before you swap it. It automatically adds extra points to the circle of crops it removes, so the more you get the more it adds up.

Some helpful tips. Save shovels until later in the game if you can, unless you can see you will make a really good match with them.

Remember shovels can be used on the carrot bombs to dig them away.

If you decide to use your boosters, see how the level goes. If you can get to the end and have moves for "hero mode" you could use boosters then to get the 2nd and 3rd star you need rather than wasting them earlier. See if you can win the level first before you start using boosters.

If the super fruit booster appears, use it after you have made other matches if you can so the surrounding crops already have extra points sitting waiting.

Sometimes you might as well sacrifice a bomb rather than use a move.