Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Level 928

18 Moves
27 Oysters
11 Firecrackers
300 Suns
300 Strawberries
This is a welcome relief to the last level.
Make as many rows as you can on the grassy area as that is where your points are.
The river does actually help us this time, while moving around, it does make rows for us by dropping crops into place, or giving us fresh new ones.
I completely forgot the fact I needed to collect the firecrackers, as they are so easy to get, and they do help remove a lot of crops. They even help open the oysters, which you could always use a shovel on to completely remove them.
The hardest part is the oysters, but once you get them, combinations will help you get the total amount of crops.
Just remember to buy shovels before you start!