Monday, 11 May 2015

Level 923

28 Moves
1 Spider
8 Firecrackers
165 Carrots
165 Apples
**edit, having replayed for a video, its much more fun than it used to be, with a few good cascades you will pass easily :)

On this level of many webs, you need to break them quickly. The spider has 4 nests altogether to clear, and you have a lot of crops to collect.
The firecrackers are pretty easy to get, many rows will be made next to them.
The hardest part will be the spider and the crops. You can rely on luck a little with the crops, once a lot of webs have been broken, you can get many falling crops.
This is where the firecrackers come in handy, because they break webs and remove crops for you, give you chances to make some rows and add points to your crops.

The more combinations and +5 rows you make on this level, the more points you get if you want 3 stars, but usually, by the time you have moved the spider..if you have done it in less moves, it will give you enough moves left to at least make one star.