Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Level 917

18 Moves
10 Chicks
43 Firecrackers
200 Carrots
200 Apples
I would highly recommend the igniter companion on this level. I almost did it without using any at all, but not quite, so if you have the beans, its a good investment.
This one is tricky, because we need such high amounts of apples and carrots but the chicks eggs have to be laid which means we need to move the chickens.
The easy part are the firecrackers. Set off as many as you can while making your needed rows. Not only does it count towards your requirements, but is also helps by igniting others, moving chickens, breaking eggs or taking away crops.
You will find as the rivers move around, that they help make new rows for you, and set off the firecrackers and move chickens.

I think I would concentrate on making the chicks over gathering crops. I had more success that way so hopefully you will too.