Monday, 4 May 2015

Level 915 **Farm Club**

26 Moves (requirements made easier)
15 Water drops
10 Flowers
15 Dragons
100 Strawberries

Firstly, you DO NOT need to remove all your flowers, only 10 but you do need to get to water buckets so bear that in mind when opening or leaving them.
Although this is harder as its a farm club level, its not one of the hardest luckily for us. And on top of that, its more of a fun one.
You need to break the ice and open the flowers as soon as you can in less moves. That will take most of your moves, but you can do this while gathering your strawberries and dragons.
Use shovels to remove last stage of flowers if it helps.
Watch for combinations where you can make rows touching different items in different directions of you can as this helps.

As soon as you have space next to your water, remember to make rows so that the water builds up. You don't need to make a lot of water, if you can get rows made near a few of the drops, then you can match them up as soon as you get higher points on them.
If you haven't used your shovels, save them for making rows at the end so that you have extra moves when you go into hero mode for more points.