Saturday, 23 May 2015

Level 910

Requirements changed slightly but layout still the same
22 Moves (revised)
2 Poppy Flowers
70 Water drops
70 Strawberries
70 Onions
Look at the layout on this level at the image above.
If the crops co-operate this is the best way to beat this level.
Move the bull down, then right, then when the logs turn, move it up and keep it on the logs to keep the bull out of the way of the main board. If you move it to the poppy on the right first, it takes more moves to get both completed and you need the moves for crops.

I quit the level quite a few times. If you cannot at least move the bull down and back in the first two moves, it rarely works as you have to waste moves I think they are the most important.
Having shovels works here if you drop the crops that might help you make the rows you need.
Its very important to watch your crop count though as you do need a lot. While waiting for the poppies to line up, this is where you need combinations etc to get them.