Saturday, 23 May 2015

Level 909

20 Moves revised)
6 Flowers
5 Poppy Flowers
145 Strawberries
145 Onions
Break as many flowers as you can in as few moves as you can do it in. The middle ones should be priority so that you can move the bulls.
You will find though that even if you can only get a couple made, that you can use your bulls to help open the rest.
Out of the poppy flowers, again, break the ones in the middle, at least they only take on bull hit and you have a clear space.
Use combinations to add your points up, and keep your eye open for possible rows of 5 crops.
As you are busy gathering crops, this is where most of your side flowers will be opened.
You will find that you have to keep moving the bulls up and down, but at least the poppies will move along on their logs Gather the crops in between while waiting for the bulls to line up.