Saturday, 23 May 2015

Level 908

21 Moves
4 Sheep
8 Poppy Flowers
200 Apples
200 Suns
The best way to treat this level is to try and make vertical rows that move the bulls in one swipe. Then they don't vanish elsewhere. Even if it means waiting a couple of moves until the river moves the flowers into better positions.
Once the poppies are moved, then you can start moving the sheep over, but its easier if you have moved at least most of the poppies first.
Of course this will mean moving the bulls backwards and forwards a lot. Once you have got most of the poppies, it doesn't matter if you move the bulls out of the way, or onto the logs themselves.
Just be careful not to block all of the logs up, otherwise you won't be able to make rows to move your sheep across as they are on a static row so need the empty logs.
You get a lot of needed crops falling which is good as you don't have so many rows and will waste a lot of them on the bulls/sheep.