Saturday, 23 May 2015

Level 900 **Farm Club**

16 Moves
15 Firecrackers
150 Water drops
150 Carrots
150 Apples
Firstly, don't worry about the frog. Even if he starts hopping around the board he isn't going to make much difference.
Your priority really this time needs to be the firecrackers. You need to set as many of them as you can because you need a lot of them. They in turn will help you elsewhere by removing crops and patting water buckets for you.
You should get many rows made as the logs rotate around, and with the help of the firecrackers they will help get your needed crops.
Make as many rows as you can next to the buckets too, watch for clever rows where you can multi task, by making rows against buckets and firecrackers as well.

Lots of practice will be needed just to get the one star....if you want all 3 animals save your boosters :(