Saturday, 23 May 2015

Level 898

26 Moves (revised again)
40 Water drops
2 Sheep
80 Apples
80 Strawberries
The level has been changed (and again) but still wastes too many moving sheep moves.
Break as much ice in as few moves as you can. Then once the ice is broken, start moving your sheep down quickly. Get them to the bottom row then you have more chances to move them to the hay.
Save your shovels for sheep moving onto the hay, drop crops to make rows under them to move them down.
You also need to make rows on the logs that will hit your water buckets as you need 70 Water drops. The filler companion will help, but only so much.
Try and make the row leading to the hay in between sheep if you can, two for the price of one.

And you need combinations and +5 if you can get them, to get the amount of crops needed.