Saturday, 23 May 2015

Level 897

16 Moves
4 Spiders
25 Firecrackers
125 Suns
5 Chicks
The hardest part of this level is getting enough eggs in the right places to make them hatch and grow into chicks.
Empty all the spider nests as soon as you can, in as few moves as you can. Yes you have a lot of moves, but as always when there is a lot of moves, its going to use all of them.
Match up all rows with extra points and watch for combinations and +5 and use those firecrackers sitting at the bottom of the screen.
Unless you use a shovel to get the chickens laying, you will need the firecrackers here to put a rocket under them. Hopefully when you are busy making matches and setting off more, they will light and move the chickens about for you so they lay a little quicker.