Monday, 11 May 2015

Level 865

30 Moves (level changed for the better)
1 Oyster
9 Poppy Flowers
100 Water drops
100 Apples
Marked as hard, but made easier.
You need to be very careful how you start your bulls moving as it is very easy to move two at a time, which is going to cause a collision.
Start by trying to move the top one left, then you can work your way down the line.
Position them up in the best places to get the poppies, don't worry about the oyster till later. You can always use 2 hits of a shovel for that!
When you have separated the bulls, try line the crops so that you move two at a time to hit two poppies.
The hardest part is getting the poppies and the crops. You need combinations again for sure.