Monday, 4 May 2015

Level 317

25 Moves
50 Strawberries
50 Suns
50 Onions
45 Apples

Lots of iced crops here, so b
reak the ice wherever you can to begin with. 
You need to get the grass rows clear so that when crops are near them, you can use them to make the rows. Also when crops have more space to fall, they can sometimes make a row themselves which also increases points on the remaining crops.
Shovels can be used to uncover the snowed under crop, or to make crops fall into a better place as well as breaking ice.
It doesn't matter if you lose healthy crops to grumpy ones sometimes as long as it was a good move, breaks some ice or moves some other crops down.
Its the snowballs that cause more problems, try not to let them get too many on the board or you won't have any crops.
Companions don't really help in my opinion, but sometimes you seem to get a better board if you use them, even if you don't collect enough crops to activate them.

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