Monday, 4 May 2015

Level 315 **Farm Club**

**Level Changed** There are 4 empty nests to clear plus the ones the spiders are already sitting in. 4 Squares of slime in the middle. Break the webs as quickly as you can.
If you can get a clear path of unhindered crops to the bottom, the crops will have more chance of continuously falling to build up the match value. If webs are stopping you from making a successful match, use a shovel to break one. If you can, try not to break the webs covering the slimed crops, that will narrow your chances of getting the correct amount of crops needed. Remember though that slimed crops can still work at breaking webs and moving spiders, so its not all bad. Match 5 where you can to remove all the same type crops. And as usual, match the higher value crops and try to make your crops cascade by making more rows after the first one is done.

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