Monday, 11 May 2015

Level 309

On this level you have crops falling down from both top corners, and as you will notice the ones on the right are all sat in slime. All is not lost though.
You should at random points have grass seeds fall down (the brown ones).
Now you know how to use them, you sit them next to a healthy water drop and swap them over. So as soon as you get chance, make the grass seed turn into grass in the lower half of the screen.
You don't need to do it at the top. (unless you get a healthy water drop at the bottom of the slime and are lucky enough to have a seed above it)
Remember they do not work with grumpy water.
Not only does grass make cropsies happy again, they also give much needed extra value to them. If you can get a couple of grass seeds grown in the bottom section, you will get many points for your crops.

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