Monday, 11 May 2015

Level 304

You will notice there are two columns in this level with your cracked eggs in. These are the only ones you will get, you will not get any on the main board. So how do we get them? Shovels won't work, you need more than 3. The answer is simple, but not simple to do. You know how we have always encouraged you to match 5 crops up to remove all of the same crops? Well here it is more than just a good idea, you need to do it. Otherwise you will not be able to complete the level. And its going to take patience, and lots and lots of practice. Match 5, all of the same crop is removed. If you can get the crops down by doing this a couple of times, you can use your shovels to remove any remaining crops, allowing you to match your eggs. There is no other way to do the level. Plan your moves ahead to see how you can line 5 up. Which leaves the hardest part of after doing all this, making sure you have got all your needed crops.

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