Monday, 11 May 2015

Level 299 **Farm Club**

The spiders have hidden themselves in fear behind the flowers. You need to open the flowers before you can start drawing them out. Same principle applies, you know when you have many moves that the level is harder to start with. So save your moves by opening multiple flowers with one move. Match them up so that they always hit at least 2 flowers when they fall if you can. (more is better) Don't worry quite so much about cropsie gathering at the moment, concentrate on the flowers then the spiders. Use shovels to remove single higher value crops, break webs, open a flower or move a crop so you can make a successful match without it in the way. Plan moves in advance, if you move a crop from the bottom, what effect will it have further up the board? Remember this is a farm club level, so the more stars the more animals you collect!

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