Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Level 288

This is a horrid level. But not quite as horrid as it looks at first glance.
Under the barrels as you can see there are many bombs all with a countdown of 9 on them. One less than the moves we have.
You don't need to collect any water, but if you make it jump out in the course of making matches of the crops you do need, and are really lucky, it will swallow the bombs.
Look carefully at your board. Take your time.
You need to take as many as you can with you, in one move for each of your moves as you only have 10. The "L" or "T" shapes (any direction) add extra value to other collectible crops, so try and make use of that move if you can. If you get the water covering your board, it can make it easier as yes, it swallows your needed crops up, but also it clears the board too and starts again.

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