Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Level 286

Some crops are encased in ice. One Spider is surrounded by ice, one by 8 flowers.
You only need 6 to do the flowers part of the level so remember when you are trying to open them. You DO NOT need to open them all.
It pays to try and make matches of 4 or more in this level, hopefully covering more flowers or joining the ice and flowers maybe.
Use shovels where you can to break the ice or webs, or remove a single crop.
Plan moves ahead to see what crops might fall after you have taken your next move so that you might get others falling into rows too.
When making rows next to flowers, try and cover as many flowers as you can with the row, it will help open more than one at a time.
Sometimes working from the bottom helps as you will make crops fall further when replacing them, which can help break webs etc.

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