Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Level 280

Quite a hard level, as you end up getting most of the crops and then realize you have run out of moves before clearing everything.
It is possible to do this only using the 3 shovels and still get a good score and 3 stars.
Make matches that take away more than one crop/open a flower at a time.
Start by moving the 2 top flowers, then you will have more access to the spider webs.
Then work on the middle flowers.
I think the flowers are harder to get than the spider.
You ideally need to free a path, so when you make a move towards the bottom, crops keep falling and getting matched up.
This will give you a nice big score and help you beat the level.
You don't need to move all the webs once the spiders have gone, just enough to give you a clear run.

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