Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Level 279

In this level you need to get to the water barrels which are hidden under mostly webbed crops where the spiders are sat laughing at you.
There are also 2 webbed sections where you know the spiders will move to.
Break a webbed crop with your shovel to make it easier and save a move if you cannot make any crops rows.
Do not rush to break all the webs because when the spider moves to the empty nests, he will web them again. So if you spent moves breaking them, its a waste.
Get the crops moving down near the water as soon as you can, otherwise you will run out of moves without the full amount collected.
Try and clear a space, maybe use a shovel to break a webbed crop so you can make a match horizontally, and hit 3 barrels at once.

Use combinations as well when you make rows, L and T shape are good.

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