Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Level 232

Tricky level. You need to get rid of the flowers by making matches, but you also need to make matches near the water as you need 70 droplets.
I found working on the flowers first, but keeping an eye out for any matches near the water.
Use your shovels and if you can get into hero mode, save your boosters until then to make nicer scores!
In a complete turnaround to CS board (and tips above lol). I found the opposite worked better for me, though as we all know, every board is different, and what works for one player, wont necessarily be the best advice for another. But, it does look like we are faced with two very different types of board, to play with here.....
First of all, the most I ever make on this level is just the one star (grrrr lol). But what works for me, is if I make as many matches next to the water buckets (making them explode their water as soon as possible) to begin with, and I save my shovels to collect the flowers at the end of the level. I didn't use the farm companion this time, but by making as many matches as I could next to the water buckets (early in the game), I was able to make a lot of water drop matches next to the flowers, which opened them for me, then I only needed the three shovels to fully open a couple (of flowers) and collect the last of the flowers I needed right at the end of the game.
I know every board is different, but I hope what I've said will help you out. Also, keep at it with this one, as I know (and promise!!!) you can beat it. At some point you will get enough matches next to the buckets of water, to send the water drops all over the board, and when they do that, they save you using so many of your moves during the game
*Courtesy of Mark Goodwin* :)

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