Sunday, 24 May 2015

Level 196 **Rancid**

No slime, lots of water barrels but that's all the nasties you need.
You just know that no Rancid level is good for our sanity!
You need to increase the matches of the crops you need, to defeat rancid, but you cannot escape the water barrels which of course, make lots of water drops.
So if you can make a match, you can pretty much guarantee you will be next to the water barrel and then lose your nicely placed crops.
Try and make matches near different barrels each time if you can, that will minimize the speed you let water escape.
The only advantage I can see to all the water, is if you get enough it can clear the board making new crops fall and hopefully have some matches as they do.
That in turn will build up value for remaining crops.
Save shovels for if you do get several entire boards of water in a row, any remaining crops can have a high value, which means you can remove them singly.