Sunday, 24 May 2015

Level 192

We have water barrels, which we don't need to remove, but you will need to make use of, if you want to make your little grass seed sprout.
This would be handy if you can get it near the line of slime that you have to spoil your fun.
We have to make the chickens earn their keep again. To lay eggs for us.
You really need to get grass growing so that, not only does it get rid of the slime, it can also be used to increase value of the needed crops.
The more value you can get for each removed crop, the less moves you need.
You always know that it's not going to be an easy level if you have a lot of moves.
Remember though that even in slime, you can match up crops next to your water barrels, or the eggs and they will still help even though you cannot count the crops to your crop count.
You can also match up your eggs to make a cracked egg even if its in the slime row.