Level 148

15 moves
30 carrots
30 water
2 chicks
See if you can start by making a row of 5 crops. The reason being, it won't remove any crops you need, but it will remove a lot of crops meaning that you will get more fall down.
Make as many rows next to your water buckets as you can to make your water.
The hardest thing seems to be the carrots. 
Try and get them to fall onto the grass so it automatically builds up points on any you have there.
Also try to make rows around them, it will add points onto them too. If you don't have enough carrots to make a full row but have a lot of points on single ones, you can always use a shovel to remove them.
Keep an eye on your chicks that you don't get too focused on the rest and forget them. Make them as soon as you can.

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