Level 137

18 Moves (revised level)
81 Carrots
51 Onions
51 Strawberries

King changed the level and made it harder boohiss.
The slime has crept back in and the rabbit is back. If you can make grumpy crops fall onto the grass though they become happy again.

But you see those boosters on the board? They are tractor boosters with a difference. Instead of getting rid of one row of crops, they remove 3! And not only that, you can use them horizontally and vertically!
Try and get the carrots earlier in the game so that the rabbit has less chance to cause you problems, and remember you can whack him over the head to stun him with a shovel. 
Also make matches next to him to have the same effect. 
Try and match on the grass if you can, you'll get more points on your crops that way.


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